Family Photos capture moments in our lives that we can treasure now and future generations. Family Albums are a treasure that you can physically hold. Happy memories that become more valuable as each year passes.

Memories which take us back to our childhood, reminding us of the happy times, the show of our emotions on that special ,or just ordinary, day of our life, no matter how long ago it was. Children photography is about capturing your child’s emotions within the moment, favourite toys, different ages, expressions and changing features. Those will be treasured not only by you, but by the all too fast growing children, so one day they can look back and remember the fun and happiness they experienced.

These photographs have a great value both for you and your children. They record moments of our lives that can bring us back in an instant, to fill us with joy and laughter from those special times. In the digital world, precious photos are often forgotten on hard drives and rarely viewed. The Fine art Family portraits I create, will be handed down through generations and often enjoyed while on display in the family home. On the Day… The shoot can take place at your house, your favourite outdoor spot or in the studio, depending on what suits your family. We will begin at a relaxed pace and as you get comfortable, I will take a few warm up shots whilst we are chatting.

I will go through a mixture of natural candid shots and relaxed posing. Sessions are always fun as I interact with you and the kids. It is a good idea to bring a change of clothes, formal and casual, colour co-ordinated etc. Why not pick a theme for your photography session for some truly different and memorable photographs, be it reading a favourite book, wearing the best dress-up costume or taking their favourite toy for an adventure. Tip: It’s recommended for babies who aren’t sitting up yet to have a photo shoot indoors. Toddlers are at their most adventurous, taking them outdoors is a great idea.