Pregnancy is such a special time in your life, it is an incredibly powerful and empowering experience. You watch your bump grow and dream about your future baby’s features and looks; you cannot wait to see him or her. In just a short time a small new person will join you and your family, and your life will be changed in a second. During your pregnancy you will feel very different, special, vibrant and content. A pregnancy photo shoot is a perfect way to capture this short, life-changing event. I would like to document the sensuality and intimacy for you for years to come, and the excitement of expectancy and the hope of something so very special to you.

The first time your baby holds your finger or opens his or her eyes, the first smile, the first little cry. At 1-10 days, newborn portrait photography is the perfect way to capture these special moments. Your newborn’s features will quickly change during the first few weeks and months, they grow up too fast!! While it’s not possible to hold on to every special moment, if I help you record this amazing time in your new-born’s life, you will be able to go back and to make your heart skip a beat, time and again. You will be amazed at how much your baby has changed.

At a week old, your baby will photograph wonderfully They will give you a smile quietly and many other precious expressions whilst sleeping curled up in a perfect still pose exactly where they are placed.

Your pregnancy and newborn shoot with me will be re-laxed, unhurried and private. We will choose a location and a time best suitable for you and your family and I will make sure you take as many breaks as you require for you and your baby to be comfortable.

Prices start at £190.00 for a photoshoot.