My Boudoir Photography is glamorous and elegant. It is liberating for many women. It can be a pick-me up for your confidence, a great gift to your partner, or simply planned as a day to celebrate yourself and have something to enjoy for years to come.

We, women are very self concerned individuals who tend to be the worst critics of ourselves. There might be nerves and doubts before a shoot. But they all pay off!

I enjoy photographing all women, no matter how old they are, what shape and size. The shoot setting is very relaxed, you will have my support and guidance with best poses and angles for your body shape during the whole experience. All of my clients are usually surprised by the amazing feeling of confidence which shoot will give them. It is my pleasure to show you how beautiful and sexy you are, how valuable and gorgeous your body is.

Your beauty will shine through the images I will present you with.

After the photoshoot I will spend extra time to quality re-touch your images, enriching them with the best retouching, tone and color in order to create beautiful pieces of art to keep and to treasure.

I will guide you on what to wear and answer all your questions and worries during our consultation. Your session will include a hair and make up applied by a professional.

Prices start from £190 for a photoshoot.